May 14, 2013

Lot of Hard Works

My cousin brother called up one evening and asked me,

“Bro, you are free tonight? I want to introduce someone to you whom you might have nearly forgotten”

“Well, who could be that?” I wondered. He assured me that it would be someone who is related to me.

I was puzzled. A relative, who is so important? But leaving all the worries aside, when I followed him to a flat in the city, I met this person, but I could not recognize him.

But, he at once identified me, and said,

“Ah I remember you, you used to go school every morning carrying your school bag and water bottle. But you were very timid and slow. I can see now that you have improved a lot.”

But I was clueless about this person who knows very personal things about my childhood.

When explained, I identified him. He was my second cousin sister’s husband. I was remembering him. He used to stand in the front portion of his house carrying his little daughter every morning watching us going to school. We never acquainted, and were not very close, but with his facial features, I could still remember him.

When I recognized him, I didn't hide my curiosity, “Oh brother I remember you. It’s nearly twenty years since we met last time.”

He was carrying out some entrepreneurship in the city. He was building a very big hospital coordinating some charitable organizations.

I asked him about his success. He was not very eloquent, but still he was successful in making me understand how he came that far.

He remembered the hardships he faced while trying to achieve something. He was an employee of a bank. 

During free times, he used to do small businesses. But one day his business was broken. He had to resign the job to save himself from his clients.

He ran away to a different place, where he tried to set up a small business, and tried to bring it up. He always had a vision, a dream, and that dream helped him to go forward even in the middle of adversities.

In between all these troubles, he used to visit his family, and by little by little he paid all his debts. Then only he could show his face among the people.

He earned the trust of the charitable organizations. He became successful in contract works. And when I met him he was in the construction works of the biggest hospital in South India.

I still feel that my brother’s success is a model for me. With courage, confidence and trust in the Almighty, he overcame all the difficulties and succeeded in life.


  1. nice Tomz to know someone like that who has made it big on real hard work is something :)

  2. Integrity goes a long way in business as elsewhere in life. Your relative seems to have an endless supply of it as well as determination. Congrats to him for working hard and making such a huge success.


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