Jan 31, 2014

A Trip to Mars

An exciting film always remains in my mind for a long period. It usually evokes creative thoughts in my mind, and sometimes causes wonderful dreams. Inception was an example for this. The crux of the film remained in my thought process very long time. Watching dreams with dream itself as the main theme was usual thing for me during the Inception era. I had written even a post with the same substance.

Recently another film also made me watch related dreams. The film was Gravity. I watched it twice, and it was such an awe inspiring spectacle. In the ending scenes, the scientist played by Sandra Bullock landed on earth in a circular shaped container. My dream went like this.

A space ship is travelling from the Earth aiming Mars, and I am one of the travelers in it. The ship is similar to the one we see in the end portion of Gravity. A spherical one, dark coloured, providing movability. It is completely sheltered from objects in the space, not even a meteor could have broken it.

Gravity (2013)
Gravity (2013) Film Poster
After several months long travel, we finally landed on the Mars. At first we couldn't say where was we landed. From the floating motion of the space ship, we could gather that we were landed on something liquid like. If we open the door of the shelter, we could straightly stepped into the liquid. What if the liquid was too deep? We were not able to deduce the properties of the planet Mars. Whether it is hot, humid? What if the liquid we landed on was boiling like hell? What if we all would be boiled in that hot water?

If we need to return to earth, first the space ship had to be placed on a strong terrain, not on something liquid like. So, without being not able to open the door, or not able to return, we all trapped in the planet mars.
After I woke up from the dream, still I felt that we were all living on planet Mars in limbo state.

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