May 22, 2011

Auspicious Gossips

This is a continuation of my previous story of the Nuptial Pimple. I was attending my friend One-time Writer’s wedding. Though I was a total stranger among the bridegroom’s relatives and neighbors at his native place, I was fortunate enough to have the company of a common friend of us. They were college mates, and this friend known by the name Utham, had many funny tales to share about the boy who was getting married.

I think cracking jokes and chattering gossips about the bridegroom is an informal universal custom observed by his friends on the wedding day throughout the world irrespective of any sectarian divide. Though inadvertently, we both also have started to wag our tongues revealing some known and unknown tales about the one-time writer. 

As a college mate, Utham had some interesting stories to share about him. The one-time writer was an odd kind of guy, during the beginning of the college days. People considered him a simpleton. But when he started to attend camps organized in the college, the leader in him was revealed. He proved himself an excellent organizer and a skilled one in delivering inspiring speeches. After that, the people who initially considered him a stupid guy felt ashamed.

Another Interesting information that Utham revealed was about his writing attempts.

“He writes a lot, you know?” Utham asked.

“Yes, I know. I call him ‘the one-time writer’ in my blog,” I said.

“Your blog? Do you have a blog? Do you write?” Utham was surprised.

“Hmmm...not really, ah, then what happened next?” I said with a slight embarrassment.

“Ok, so your one-time writer once wanted to write a great story. He wanted to write only serious stuff portraying the real problems faced by the common people. He found that the fundamental problems faced by everyone across everywhere were the same. To experience the real nature of the problems, he wanted to travel” Utham said.

“Really?” this was a new information to me. 

“So, he wanted to go amidst the common people. He had heard about some tribal people inhabiting since the prehistoric era in the lap of the Western Ghats. With his organizational skills, he made a small group and went to the tribal people to live amidst them. His parents didn’t know about such a journey. So, they were worried without seeing their son.”

“Oh, then what happened?” I didn’t hide my surprise hearing a curious information about the one-time writer.

“After one week he came back. So that was the story,” Utham finished his tale.

“I will ask him about that. This was a first-hand information. I never knew that all the time, when he was appearing as a perfect friend of mine, he had some additional traits which he concealed successfully from me.”

After one week, when the one-time writer called me, I asked him about his one week visit to the tribals.

He said simply, “buddy it was nothing. At that time I wanted to write a story. Since I was an inexperienced guy, I wanted some more experience. So, I went to visit them,”

“How was the experience?” I asked.

“Nothing, they had a perfect social living system, except a sophisticated life style like us,” he said.

“Did you write any story out of your experiences with them?” I asked.

He said, “yes, the story was published in the college magazine and it got good reviews from the students in the college. I got a lot of appreciation from the professors as well,”

“Ok, tell me, in your story, how did you portray the life style of the tribals that you met during that one week?”

After a pause, the one-time writer replied, “Buddy, it was not a story on tribals. It was actually about the parents’ worry when their children go missing for at least one or two days.”

May 9, 2011

The Story of the Nuptial Pimple

How Do I Make My Posts Look like Fiction!

It was the One Time Writer’s wedding the last week. I attended his wedding at his native place to convey them my wishes and greetings in person. My friend, who was introduced in this blog through ‘the Confessions of a One-time Writer’, was actually in a many months-long preparations prior to his marriage. Despite of his attempts to shed the weight as described in my previous tale on him, ‘the Fat Boy’s Dilemma’, on the marriage day, he looked exactly like the way how he looked sans exercises. 

As part of his preparations to make his marital day beautiful, he had been practicing many other things. To make himself appear graceful, he used to visit a beauty parlor to undergo facial massages and clean-up treatments. (Am I creating an instance for the women folk to mock the men?) In addition to explaining to me the benefits of the Orange Galvanic treatment, which he used to undergo, he suggested some other massages and treatments. It was true that he looked absolutely shiny till the day I met him before the marriage.

On the marriage day, I woke up in the early morning, and caught one of the first buses to his home place, located about a hundred kilometer away. Though my travel was hindered due to the traffic blocks, I made it there some minutes before the conclusion of the church proceedings. 

Though after marriage I met him with his partner for life, he was rushed by his relatives to the reception hall. Every man is a celebrity, on his wedding day; I thought about attributing one such quotation to my credit, since as a wannabe writer, I am really lacking credited quotes.

Anyway after the reception, I met him. He looked very bright. But, I shocked seeing a new pimple on his upper lip, tarnishing all his past months’ efforts. The pimple looked almost like as if it was germinated just on the previous night. So evident was the pimple’s majestic posture on his upper lip.

I asked him about the curious appearance of the pimple on the day just before his wedding day. 

He replied, “What to say buddy. These things are beyond our control!”

All right! So that was the story of the nuptial pimple. Now let me explain what I did to make a real life incident look like a fiction.

First of all, I didn’t ask him at the marriage venue about the sudden appearance of the pimple.

After congratulating him, I came back and remained involved in my works. Today, I thought about posting about his pimple. I felt that it was better if I had asked him about the pimple at the spot. It might have given him an embarrassment, but I would have been justified since friends have the freedom to tease.

If I write a post about it, it will be complete only with his reply. So, I just picked up my phone and dialed his number. Without any extensive how are yous, I asked him about his nuptial day pimple.

He replied in a pathetic tone, “What to say buddy. These things are beyond our control.” 


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