Jan 31, 2011

Fat boy’s Dilemma

Seeing me working on the laptop late in the night, my room-mate X-EN-Tric, (you know the Decent Proposer?) asked, “New post in the backstage?”

“No, just adding a few more graphics to my new layout,” I replied.

“What’s the status of the last post about your friend, the one-time writer?” he inquired.

“I feel the post reached the people who well-deserved it, even though the readership was less comparing to some other posts,” I said.

“I wonder what will be your next post about”, X-EN-Tric said thoughtfully.

I was also wondering the same. I always wanted to give some tips to the readers regarding the health issues. Quit Smoking! Or Stop Quitting was such an attempt. Coming to the case of the One-time writer, I think there is a scope for a post in the health category. He always was much concerned over his physical appearance.
Thinking so, I suddenly turned and asked my room-mate, “You met the one-time writer right? Do you think he is a little bit overweight?”

“Hmm...I would say he is a normal guy. And if you want to call him fat, yes you can. But in my opinion, if he tries to reduce weight, that would do him only good”, X-EN-Tric said.

Yes. I got the correct answer to my question, I thought. “Now, I remember how I met him for the first time in that boy’s hostel in Trivandrum a few years ago. When I woke up in my first morning in Trivandrum, my first sight was an exercising one-time writer. He was sweating to reduce pounds from his body,” I said.

X-EN-Tric nodded. I felt that he was interested in the way I tell a story, though I stammer a lot. 

I continued, “After we separated from that hostel, whenever we met, he always kept on asking me about the status of his physical feature. Like ‘does he look a little bit leaner then?’ and so on.”

“Hmm...then!,” X-EN-Tric became more curious.

“All the time I tried to convince him that he was not that much fat. Perhaps, I might have been biased while assessing a person by his physique, since mine is lean. So, a person like me would always crave for addition of a few more pounds to his body. Whereas a person like the One-time Writer would look at people of leaner body structure enviously,” I continued.

“Hmmm...that’s true,” X-EN-Tric agreed.

“Last time when we met at that executive bar, he had revealed his new experiments in reducing the fat. He had started to eat only Oats three times a day, since oats is fatless,” I said.

“Oh, is that so?” X-EN-Tric asked. 

“Yes, and I encouraged him saying that the only way to achieve leaner structure as far as he was concerned is to go without food. Since, he is healthy enough; a minor starvation might not directly affect him.” I went on with my narrative, “one-time writer announced that he would do the same to achieve his dream physique and I wished him good luck.”

“Then anything happened?” X-EN-Tric asked curiously. His question made me happy. Usually in my blog posts, I used to be the listener, while my friends speak eloquently. (Of course, the Girl on Crutches’ was different.) Here is a good chance for me to become the speaker. 

“When I called him, he confessed that he failed to keep his new-year resolution. That day itself, he had rice at noon and tea with milk in the morning...” I said.

“What did you feel then,” X-EN-Tric asked. 

“I was very angry. I shouted at him over the phone, using abusive words. I said him, with fat on his body, and disproportionate features, he looks almost like a Hippopotamus. With hanging bulges and fat folds, no girl would fall for him. Don’t even think about marriage, that’s impossible for him.”

“Was he hurt,” X-EN-Tric asked disapprovingly.

“Yes, he was hurt, and that was my intention. All the time, whenever he asked me about his physical stature, I encouraged him by telling that either his posture was okey or he needed to do exercise. If he really wanted to shed his weight, the best way is to pursue means for it. And if he is not sincere to the methods to loose fat, I think, the best thing which I could have done was to criticise him, and that’s what I did,” I said.

“What’s his present condition,” my room-mate asked.

Without replying, I dialled the One-time Writer’s phone number on my mobile. At the other end, I heard my friend responding to my inquiries happily.

He said,” buddy, I reduced my food to oats only. Today I checked the weight, it was two kgs lesser than my last week’s weight.”

I glanced X-EN-Tric smilingly.
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