Aug 10, 2009

Mid-day Romance

“I miss this city now very much as it was where most of my dreams were cherished”, said my friend with a sigh. I said, “No, but you left this city for your studies that you are pursuing now?” “Yeah, it was for my better future, but still my heart is here”, he is nostalgic. “What is so much peculiar about this city?” I darted a question. He again sighed, and I got it as a signal that my friend has been making himself ready for an eloquent speech about his strong emotional ties with this city. He was here for some time when I just landed for my studies in this historic place and we met in accordance with some divine plan. But he moved to another place for studies and occasionally visits here as if drawn by some magnetic forces. “I miss everything, the people, the friends, the movies, the places, the beachsides, the royal paths, the poet’s meetings, and above all, I terribly miss this beautiful park where we spent many of our magnificent evenings”. He paused for a breath. He has been talking facing me looking over my shoulder towards infinity. He again started, “besides, one more thing, which is the most appealing for me is…”, he put his sentence to an abrupt end. I watched something in his eyes that has been fixed on some objects located at a distance at my back. Suddenly his eyeballs formed a much bigger round shape, which were flashing like flames of passion and out of excitement he cried gripping tightly on my shoulder, “Look…! Look there!!” His cry startled me. Because of bigger excitement and hoping for a surprise I turned back and saw what made my friend so much agitated. It was a beautiful woman! Or more specifically, “not a girl, not yet a woman”. Here the courtesy goes to Britney Spears, ‘the Princess of Pop’, as I don’t like to be charged by her. We both, holding the fences of the park watched her walking through the parallel parkway without a single blink. Clad in an oily cyan colored salwar-kameez, this girl’s walk has brought to my mind the contrasting appearance of the Dilliwali girl on the train of “Time Kya Ho Raha Hein?”. This girl is modest and at the same time proud. Haughty and timid. Well mannered and educated as the vanity bag on her shoulder reflected. The small kumkum on her forehead revealed her traditional approach. But, in contrast her high-heel footwear displayed how modern is she in her mindset. That was she. The girl of the day. When she approached close to us, we both have been looking her. While moving forward in a rhythm she just glanced us and a sudden flash of shy smile disappeared at her parted red lips. We both hallucinated, the effect of which was more on my friend. She just stopped there and we presumed, that she has been looking to the queue for the zoo. Both of our eyes were clung at her fair spotless glaring face. She was tall and her structure was well shaped. While she stood there turning back to us, we attempted an ungentle analysis of her posture and shape. I became impatient when no further responses were coming from the girl. Out of my desperation I climbed upon the stout tree with full of branches to exhibit my smartness. Hanging upside down on the branch with my legs locked and clutching on a branch with my hands, I called my friend for help. With his help I found a comfortable position on the tree. I glanced at her and saw her talking to somebody on the phone. But nobody seems giving attention to me, not even the kids of the park. When I tried to jump from one branch to another, my friend called me ‘monkey’. So, there ends my unsuccessful attempts to get attention from her. We saw a sudden smile at the face of this girl, who has been looking at the crowd in front of the zoo. I climbed down from the tree. A handsome man wearing a black tee and jeans from the crowd waved at her. With a new light on her face, this girl hastened towards him. It was their rendezvous, a date. A sharp thudding sound came from my heart followed by a clinking sound. It was my heart broken. My friend suddenly looked at me. Without much late, I heard another sound of thudding. It was his heart. This time it was a very much bigger sound than mine. Photo: Britney Spears Courtesy:


  1. your writting style is unique.but, the incident is a piece of life.cheers!

  2. hey tomz.. nice blogs buddy.. u know.. u r an awesome writer...i cant stop reading ur blog.. once i start reading... awesome work.. :)

    keep up the good work...:)


  3. Good Style of writing ... Nice usage of Language, My dear...
    But you write "Bull Shit"...
    I wonder what happened to my old friend... Not getting matured...

  4. @X-EN-Tric
    haha..thanks a lot for ur wonderful comment and sincere criticism, Actually only after getting such a comment from u, I realised the meaninglessness of my writings..thanks for making me rembr that.....I will defnitly keep the standard f my writings..and through this comment you once again qualified to become my most genuine frnd..

  5. @ Prashanth Narayanan

    I too want to do like dat. but human nature know..different..

    Thank u..very much


    Thanks Surrbhi..thnks for coming and dropping ur comments. See u next time when u visit my blog ;)

  6. excellent opening but the end could have been....

    'She was tall and her structure was well shaped' could have been/ should be deleted.. It was my heart broken or broken heart.

    -happy writing day

  7. @Shibu.
    Well..some one said me (in personal) the end is better ..I don know why u are telling me to delete that part, where I say her shape was good and she was tall. Can u say specifically why I am being asked to do so?
    And yea it is heart broken..I don know how to explain the reason y I used it instead of broken heart
    Thanks fr coming and dropping a comment.. pls visit me frequently and we know u too r a good writer. When will u start blogging?

  8. i have read it dear..n um nt gona make any comment on this, coz, i din knw dat u stare gals lik d way u hav mentioned:);):D

  9. It's more challenging to be a woman than most men realize. On the one hand, we like to be noticed, but on the other hand it's an uncomfortable feeling to be looked at as if we were merchandise in a shop window. The young lady dressed herself to be attractive for her beau and ended up becoming an object for public viewing. I like your story. It brings out certain dimensions of human behavior that we all need to think about from time to time--lest we forget that we are humans and not monkeys:)

  10. Hanging like a monkey???Wasnt that a bit too much Tomz???hehe!!


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