Oct 24, 2009

The Tale of the Poppy Boy

To escape from the embarrassment happened to me by the two consecutive love posts – Ancient Love Affair and My first Love – I think I have to go back to my childhood days to check out some interesting incidents there. But, while the searching process was going on, what suddenly struck my mind was a funny incident happened during my college days. To tell the truth, this too was a contemporary to My First Love and Letter to Jonnie Walker and having a close relation with my mindset portrayed in these two.
I won’t say that I was an attention box; but definitely was one craving for attention from all sides as a freaky teenager. I was of the habit of thinking every day, regarding what to do something weird or what will make me noticed. I did some experiments with my poor hair and a ruthless me had attempted several hair styles, but none of them was really worth making someone to look. One day I went to my hair stylist and asked him to make my hair so short that only half an inch (exactly) of each hair would remain. This fellow didn’t do that, though he made it shorter than the usual. But according to my conservative parents what I did was ‘undisciplined and more than what needed.’
I was sure that the barber would be of any use in satisfying me as his regular customer. I took the final decision and on a fine evening I began to make my hair short myself, not with scissors, but with razor. It was easy first, what we need to do is to just shave the hair softly so that only the tips of the hair would be removed. After doing this process for a little time I raised my face to look at the mirror to see the success of my experiments. But, what I saw in the mirror was strangely enough to give thunderbolts and lightning in my heart along with a nervous shock. I first thought that I was fainting and I pinched myself to make me believe that the sight on the mirror was a dream. After earning virtually some courage I looked up at the mirror again and what I saw was a fairly big white area of round shape on my head, where it was a few moments ago black with the presence of hair.
First I got disheartened, but soon regained my conscious and I picked a gum pot and applied a little of it on my head where it lacks hair. Then I collected some hair from the floor and put it carefully on the ‘white space’. You won’t believe, I went to the college more than two days with my fake hair without anyone in my college as well as in home noticing it. But on the third or fourth day, when I was really confident to manage with it for a few more days, at the cricket ground while fielding along with my play mates, everything fell into trouble when my young little cousin brother saw me and expressed his affection towards me.
As I understood that I was not able to suffer the weight of gum and broken hair, I opened up my problem to two of my friends. They too shocked seeing my state and urged me to adjust with my false hair a few more days till the hair grows. But one of them suggested me to go total hairless and I accepted that idea. Only then my weight on the heart got loosened and the difficult part of getting permission from my parents was managed with my tactics.
I went to see my hair stylist and simply said him to shave all of my hair. With a hesitation he did it and I went college wearing a brown cap and that was the greatest hair style, which I could ever imagine. The first day, my English teacher, (remember the one in Letter to Jonnie Walker) who was my uncle, hurried towards me seeing my ‘piteous state’ and asked ‘what happened’. Wearing a crying expression on my face, my explanation went like this:
“I was studying last night, suddenly power went, I lit a candle stick and tried to by-heart the poem that you taught me, I don’t know when I slept. But the candle stick tumbled down and it caught my hair. Though I soon woke up I had lost a big part of my hair,” with no delay he explained the whole things to the girls at the other end.
The following weeks saw the golden days of my college days. It won’t be a much hyped lie if I say that during those days I got a maximum number of admirers among the girl sector. The pet name that they gave me was the ‘Poppy boy’ following two famous icons of a popular umbrella brand in Kerala.
A week later the same story was published on the newspaper on campus column as if it had happened to someone else. Then I understood how the newspapers make stories and news.
Oh God, I feel that I have written yet another embarrassing post this time also. This may end me up to renaming the ‘Vanity Moments’ blog into ‘Embarrassing Moments’.


  1. Out of adversity you started a new fashion statement and saved a lotof time in the mornings with your new wash and ready style.Cheers.

  2. @Lionel
    I can understand your style of making thoughtful statements with the simplicity of jumping along with the evening sky so that the converse of your statement will dart like a night owl..cheers and Thanks Lionel ;):D
    Thank you very much

  3. i can just smile, smile and smile on that ..tom its really cute:):)

  4. So what are you saying here? Girls like bald/hairless men? What about men? I am losing all my hair steadily. It is either due to old age or due to having a teenager at home.
    Cute post. And I hope I posted the comment at the right place this time.

  5. :) This kind of mishap happens when you are shaping the moustache. Then you have to go for the cleanshaven look!

    Enjoyed reading your post.

  6. @kritika
    Thank you Kritika, every time I have to wait for ur comment to get the exact response of my posts among my readers.
    And I am happy to know that the post actually made you smile. Really after your comment I read the post twice and all the time I was smiling remembering the old times.

    I am not telling that girls like bald headed men, but my point is only to stress on the teenage fancy of attention seeking.
    And exactly this time you commented on the right place and not only that, your comment was at the right time as I was running short of comments.
    Thank you very much.
    I hope you too have such teenage stories, but you already have made us smile with the portrayal of your teenage daughter's funny stories.
    Thank you

    Yes, I can see now you too once fall as the victim of mustache shaping mishap.
    I rmbr I too have once such an incident, but not too much funny. Coz nobody would have noticed it as it happened during my adolescence and my mustache was not so thick that the absence of hair could have been noticed

  7. he he...
    poppy boy..
    so what next? Did the teacher made u recite the poem to the entire college..

  8. @RSV,
    No..why should he? As he is my relative he even didn't dream that his nephew would tell lies.
    Instead, he advised me in front of every one that,
    'don't tell everyone that it is happened due to candle burn. tell everyone that you did it as part of making your hair a little bit more stylish'.
    I bet, you won't get such a nice uncle.
    But only I could realise the terror I felt in my heart when I saw myself in the mirror.
    Thanks RSV

  9. PLease broach on this part- how you managed to have ashowere, peel the gum off, apply fresh gum( is it chewing gum or glue), putting the hair - Boy You are a make up artist. LOL

  10. Lol! Loved this post...I really couldn't control my laughter imagining your expression when you saw the final output in the mirror! :D
    Keep writing! :)

  11. Very nice and lovely post. I liked it very much. Hope you are satisfied with your new hair cut and guys always look nice with clean shave.

  12. @The Holy Lama
    Looking back, now I feel that it was the profession more suitable to me.:)

    @Destiny's Child
    Thank you very much for visitng my blog..You just laugh. Thanks for laughing. But try to imagine the horror that I felt at the exact moment.

    No hair cut is permanent Babli. That is what I learned from my life. :D Guys look nice with clean shave, but not every where and always..Thanks for ur encouraging comment.

  13. u actually went 2 college with hair stuck on?!?!?!

    i believe i have gone through my teen years n i don't remember being this attention-seeking ever...n m actually glad i didn't coz i atleast didn't lose hair over it ;)

  14. Please collect your award from my blog.

  15. @Blunt Edges
    Yea I went. n now I can't believe that I went college with my fake hair. But I had no other option. I did what my heart prompted me to do..
    Thanks Blunt Edges.

    Thank you very much Babli.


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