Jan 22, 2010

Two More Barber Tales

While scanning my ‘Tale of the Poppy Boy’, I thought about two more hair-cutting incidents in which my friends had a lot to laugh at me. Though, there are two incidents, I will make them short as I have decided to write my posts in brief so that my blogger friends won’t get bored.

In the first incident, I caught an auto (at that time I din’t have my sincere bike) and asked the driver to take me to a barber. This man took me to a suburb of the city and finally dropped me in front of a very old salon in a bleak state. The barber there was a very old one who even didn’t have his teeth. He wondered seeing a young boy, who likely to go only at city salons instead of old fashioned barbers like him. Anyway, he said me to step in and asked my choice. I asked him to make my hair short but he was not satisfied. He asked me whether I would like to have ‘step cut’ or some other modern styles. I said him to just shorten it. But not convinced enough, he said,

"no…boy I will make your hair in the most stylish fashion so that your friends would ask about it”. He started his work and I noticed him doing his best to make my hair stylish.

In the end, when he finished his work, I saw my hair in the most pathetic condition – somewhere more, somewhere less and somewhere in a zig-zag manner. He again repeated,

"boy, your friends will appreciate you and will ask you to know from where you made it".

After reaching my hostel, I knocked at my friend’s door. He opened the door in the middle of his cat nap and started laughing at the moment he saw my hair. The barber was true! My friends repeatedly were asking me, ‘from where you made your hair so ‘stylish’?’

Later, I found a barber where I go usually to cut my hair. I used to give him suggestions and he was smart to make my hair in a preferable style by following my suggestions. But, he used to ask me,

"why you are giving me suggestions? I know your choice, just sit there, let me continue my work".

So, one day, I stopped arguing and after his work, I heard him saying with a relief,

"oh...after so many months, today I cut one’s hair satisfactorily".

I smelt a danger, and I glanced at my head to see only my hair in the most pitiable way. He was not looking at my face. After his job, I noticed him charging only lesser than his usual amount from me on that day.


  1. TomZ,

    'got the hairdo' is better than 'made the hairstyle'...

    what happened? experimenting some new style? not the usual you... missing some 'sangathees....'

  2. This is a cute post!! I am always in a confuse state when i take Siddharth for his hair cut, as i love his long hair... This time his hair cut was better...

  3. Tomz,
    It's an average Tomz post... Nothing more... Nothing great... But still, I like your style of telling things... Good Language yaar... Keep blogging... Loves to read your posts...

  4. Aren't we women lucky? Short hair, long hair, in a bun, in a ponytail...everything is stylish. But still we end up paying so much for a hair cut. Pity.

  5. Oops and then the hair cut...its kind of state in art which you try to follow..


  6. Very nice, sweet and lovely post. Not only women but men also like to change their hair style and some of them want to keep long and some of them want to keep short hair. Women nowadays wants to keep their hair short.

  7. happened with me wen i was a kid
    i din hv a choice

    nice post

  8. It takes much courage to surrnder to the whims of the barber. Brave Tomz Zindabad:)

  9. Does not matter if the barber is toothless, as long as his comb have teeth, and his scissors have snip.

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  12. Hi.

    I was not able to comment on the above post.. the story is very touching..


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