Apr 10, 2010

Encounter with Policemen

(Reminiscences of North India trip)
I had told you a few of my experiences of my North India trip conducted two years ago and I think you are already familiar with my experiences with cycle-rickshaws and a quite lengthy account of meeting a cute girl in the Kalka-New Delhi train (of which the latter had received and still is receiving with some humiliating criticisms). In this post, I want to tell you my three experiences with Delhi police in which I had direct contact with them only once. In other occasions, either my fellow traveler or a harmless passerby was having an encounter with them.

During my shooting trip on a car with my fellow traveler and driver, we quite occasionally happened to be amidst traffic blocks, especially at the junctions and at the junctures were the roads having a U-turn. This time, it was pretty good traffic block, which evidently had created by the hurrying cars and other private vehicles. Two policemen with some queer looking batons in hand were trying to manage the traffic in vain. Suddenly, there came a poor rickshaw driver with his rickshaw, who accidentally had rushed to the front of the traffic hullabaloo. The next moment, an angered policeman jumped to his front side and without wasting the opportunity lashed him at his back using his thick baton. We saw the poor rickshaw driver fleeing with his cycle to rescue himself from a second possible attack from the policeman by powerfully pedaling the cycle.

While traveling through the hearts of the cities in North India, our driver friend kept on telling us about the importance of wearing seat belts to escape from the penalties charged by traffic police. But, one time, the driver himself had forgotten to wear the seat belt and consequently a policeman stopped our vehicle by waving his hand. However, with tactics of our driver somehow we escaped without paying any fine.

Third time! ah...it was a quite funny one and it was me who was in the incident. Among many places that we were assigned to shoot from my office was a particular open place in Delhi city. I don’t remember the name of the place now, I believe it was some Bagh (Karol Bagh...eh?...no?). There was a small office to which we entered and saw a girl there, to whom we asked about the formalities of shooting the places. It was a dark, tall and fat man who answered our queries. I admit that I don’t know much Hindi and so I could not understand his reply fully. But, from his answer, I could grab that some kind of permission is required if I would want to shoot the places.

I asked him again in my broken Hindi, ‘kiska permission chahiye? (Whose permission is that you want?)

He looked all of us one by one and replied what he told earlier. But this time also, I could understood the same thing only, ‘some kind of permission is required’

I became irritated and repeated my same query, this time with a raised voice, “Kiska Permission Chahiye?”

He was irritated and replied the same thing, but this time also what I understood was the same thing.

An infuriated me raised my voice again and with that emphasized voice I asked him, “KISKA PERMISSION CHAHIYE AAPNE?” (I am not sure whether that ‘ne’ in the end was necessary!)

He was really irritated and looked all of us one by one and with a much…much…much louder voice he replied,

“HM KA PERMISSION CHAHIYE.., HM..HM…HM…” Now I remembered, all the time he was telling me that he wanted the permission from the HM.

Our driver friend understood what he really meant. He whispered in my ears, “please don’t ask him more. He is a POLICE MAN without uniform. What he required is the permission from HM, which means the HOME MINISTER!”

With an expression of disbelief, I looked at my driver friend and I changed my look to see the infuriated eyes of the police man. Then without saying any words, I escaped from the office to the outside with a stooped face.

After coming outside, all of us three could not control our laughter. We just walked towards our car parked at the opposite side of the road.


  1. Very nice and interesting post. In India it happens often that the person who drives the car do not wear seatbelt. Very well written. Excellent post.

  2. Policemen have a knack of tying me in knots!!! That was a hilarious experience!

  3. @Babli

    Thank You very much Babli for your encouragement..so you also have caught in such seat belt problems?



    @Sucharita Sarkar

    Well..that would definitely be a funny occasion..wanna hear it..

  4. That was one tight spot you were in:)

  5. That's interesting...


  6. once my husband paid the pealty in Hydrerabad too forforgetting the belt.


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