Aug 14, 2010

The Girl on Crutches

Ronnie Raj called me again on yesterday! Don’t ask me which Ronnie Raj. He is well familiar to the noble readers as a too conservative fellow and as an Online Detective. That time, I portrayed him as an upcoming music director. This time he has to don his role as an upcoming short movie maker. He is actually a substitute, one who could be presented in my blog in any form belonging to the creator’s genre.

When I picked up his phone, with no usual introduction or formal inquiries or even without a customary ‘hello’, he straight away asked for a theme for his new short film.

“I heard that you have nice concepts, nice stories and you write many ‘out-of-the-box’ things on the internet. Why can’t you suggest me a good theme for my new short film?”

“New short film? You are going to make a new short film?” I asked him in a tone of disbelief.

“Yes, I want a story, at least a thread. I prefer something that would be digestible to the new generation,” he said.

I said nothing. I was thinking about a girl, whom I often see on the way back from my office every day in the evening. A bubbly pretty girl, she used to be standing in front of her house chatting with her friends. What makes her a subject of my attention is that she walks on crutches. Possibly, an accident took place in the near past might have caused fracture on her leg. As I presumed from the visible happiness on her face, she will be cured soon.

“You there? Or gone? You have nothing to give me as an idea?” Ronnie’s sound woke me up from my thoughts.

“I have a story. But it is a love story....,”I began to explain.

Ronnie jumped in between, “That’s a great idea. Young generation will definitely like a romance,” he said.

“But, it is not purely a love story. It has some tragic elements...,” I said.

“Oh you stop the introduction. Come straight to the story,” Ronnie said impatiently.

“My hero is a young man, of our age, working in the city a software company,” I began my story.

“That’s great. Youngsters will like their hero as a software engineer...come on...,”Ronnie encouraged me.

I continued, “He regularly meets a girl while he is back from his office. This girl is beautiful with kiss curls and her dressing sense makes her even prettier. The crucial characteristic of this girl is that she walks on crutches. Due to some accidents, one of her legs has been put into plaster. She is waiting for the recovery. But seeing every day, our hero and this girl gradually fell in love each other...” I paused.

Thoughtfully my friend said, “A girl walks with the help of crutches. Sad”. He added, “Please continue,”

“Well...through glances, smiles and chats, they became closer and finally lovers. Our hero takes her for many programmes, which happens in the city in weekends. So their love flourished. You may add one song sequence here featuring our hero plucking flowers for her and such nice scenes...”I said.

“Don’t teach me how to conceive a shot. I will manage that part. You continue with your story,” my friend became irritated feeling somebody’s encroachment in his business.

Though embarrassed, I continued, “This boy went for an official tour for two weeks. In Hyderabad and Delhi, he spent a fortnight impatiently without seeing his sweetheart. When back, he saw a miracle,”

“What miracle?” asked Ronnie raj curiously.

“The girl was completely alright. She was cured from her illness. The plaster has been removed and as a result of some medical exercises, she was walking in the normal way without the help of crutches. Seeing her lover back, she ran towards him expecting a tight hug and a kiss,” I said.

“He will be delighted seeing her like that,” Ronnie tried to complete the story.

“That’s the curious part. Instead of becoming happy, he was shocked. He was shocked and became pale as if he has seen a ghost,” I said.

“Why so?” Ronnie asked.

I said, “There I have two versions. This boy may have some serious defects. He thinks that if she knows it she might turn him down. He might have thought that if she too has some disabilities, both of them could adjust each other.”

“What’s the second version?” Ronnie asked.

“The case of humanity! The boy loved a girl with a disability. He was ready to accept her as the way she was,” I said.

“So, how would you conclude the story?” he asked.

“Buddy, this is just a thread. We have to create the end part,” I replied.

“Presently I am planning to do a film with a socially relevant theme,” he said.

“That’s OK. But tell me how is this story?” I asked.

“The film that I plan to do is based on the political struggles and strikes.”

“Is that so? But how do you feel about my story?”

“My film will have fights, battles, slogans and blood everywhere. It will have revolutionary songs”

“Okey. You do that. But I am asking your opinion about my story,” I shouted.

Ronnie said calmly, “Sincerely speaking buddy, it is better if you stop storytelling and do some other jobs that you know well”

In Last Picture: Spice Girl Emma Bunton after a fall


  1. o loved this story,,,boy getting some disability is what i choose as ending

    1. I like the anti climax of the story.......any way, the girls with cruches will not move from our heart,due to the feel it has created.

  2. *********--,_
    ,--;_/*******HAPPY INDEPENDENCE*_/*****.|*,/
    \__************** DAY **********'|****_/**_/*

    Very well written. Liked your post.

  3. He could be pleasantly shocked also:):)

  4. Dear,
    Is there such a lady nearby you, really? Your, disabled, software engineer, who is goanna go to Hyderabad is here...
    Haa.. haa...
    I love this story dear... Whether it's story or real life... You have a skill to touch the reader's heart...
    I love you more...

  5. So there goes another story only to written on the blog and never to see the silver screen?

  6. What a fascinating insight you have on relationships. I think you have a great idea for a film and not just a short one either. Is anyone important/rich/influential out there paying attention to this young man's story? I wish I were one or more of the three options.

  7. @Vandy

    Thanks for ur comment..majority of the people who heard this story chose the same climax


    Despite of that exclamation mark instead of a qn mark, I feel that ur asking me whether the whole things are true.

    Ok here you go

    I work in an office
    I saw a girl on crutches
    we looked each other (only once)
    I have a friend, who is planning to make short film
    He used to contact me on phone
    He asked me a theme
    I said the above story (purely made from imagination, expect the beginning)
    He said its not a good story
    these are true..


    Wishing u a belated Happy Independence Day.

    Thanks for reading my post


    But I clearly wrote..."He was shocked and became pale as if he has seen a ghost"

    Do u think it as the sign of a happy shock

    @Ex centric

    A girl is here (refer my reply to Swatantra's query)

    "Similarity of any person, any incident in this blog with any real thing is purely coincidental"


    Thanks for your comment..


    It looks so. The fate of my story possibly will be what u said.

  8. @Walk2write

    Thank you very much for your encouragement..I am a lazy-bone just like the Jack of your fairy tale.
    If some kind of fortune helps me, I may too become a subject of such a wonderful fairytale in the future..
    well u may title that tale 'Tomz and the Bolg's talk

  9. Happy Onam and Happy Rakshabandhan to you.

  10. @Zen

    Thank You Ms Zen


    Thank You. I am overjoyed hearing that my story interests you


    Belated wishes of both..

  11. Thanks for your lovely comment. Awaiting for your new post.

  12. You are welcome at my new post-
    Awaiting for your new post.

  13. hey tom :)i loved the climax of your post. Nice climax :)
    i suggest you should not tell "romantic stories" :) :) Kidding:)

    More than the story i like your narration style.

  14. @Babli

    I am thankful for your repeated concerns. It makes me to remember that it is the time for my next post. I know, I am not prolific. I am thinking about my new post. I hope I can post them without much late.


    Thanks for your romantic comment :)I am happy that you like the climax and its narrative style...
    However, it was not a romantic story, it was a tragic rmbr?

  15. Beautiful story but is it true or fiction..
    Oh i did not read the comment hmmm I guess he did not like your story because people dont want to go and see reality they see it most often out there ... hence his need to go for a fight scene, slogans etc etc..

    That is why we are in this state people dont wanna know end of...
    and some like you who mention things are asked to STOP STORYTELLING...

    hope you haveNOT...

  16. same doubt as Biks.. Beautiful story but is it true or fiction..boss, u have a good blog will be good to c ya posting regularly..buck up buddy...and best wishes always:) hey thanks ya 4 passing by:)

  17. @ Bikramjit

    I rarely write anything fictitious in my blog..If something is written accidentally, they all have strong back up of reality.
    This post also has the same characteristic..

    I don't know whether I would stop storytelling, But for sure, as you wished, I am not going to stop writing about my story telling adventures..

    Thanks for coming by..


    As I said Rameshji, this post is inspired from reality...Bikramjit had got it already when he passed through the first of the comments..

    Thanks for ur compliment..I want to post regularly..But u know I am not prolific..But however, I will try to do it..

    Thanks for dropping..

  18. Hi:)

    An interesting story which can be filmed with one end for the Kerala audience and the other end for the Tamil audience.This will ensure wider viewership for the movie and better collection at the box office.

    In any case I would have enjoyed both ends.The tragic element touches my heart and I would like to shed some tears.It is a long time since I have seen a good movie which touches my heart.

    Ronnie is like any other ordinary film producer. It is time he stopped making movies and started a thattukada:)

    Best wishes:)

  19. Why did he ask for a story if he had a gory tale in his mind already? That story could make for a nice, emotional movie, minus the flower plucking song sequence ;) There's one in every movie these days!

  20. Wish you and your family a very Happy Janmashtami.

  21. @Joseph

    Thanks you for your detailed comment and suggestions. I thought many times, and I think perhaps your idea might becomes yield better results in the box office.


    I think he had a story in his mind with which he was not satisfied fully. SO he asked me hoping that if I had some better ideas, he may use mine instead of his. However, the end was different..


    Belated wishes of the same..

  22. Interesting story. :)
    I enjoyed reading it.
    Liked ur style of writing. :)


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