Jan 19, 2011

Confessions of a One-time Writer

Last day, when I met my friend of ‘Mid-day Romance’, he took me to a business hotel of the city. Sitting at the plush seatings of the executive bar, while sipping a small beer can that he offered, he heartily apologised to me for the shortcomings happened from his side while treating me. ‘Does just a mouthful of beer affect a man’s nerves this much?, I wondered. 

I replied, “No buddy, I don’t think you did something unfriendly. I don’t feel hurt even if someone behaves me arrogantly, if he is my true friend” 

“I was remembering the days when we started our friendship in Trivandrum. At that time, you were pursuing your studies, and I was undergoing my post-graduate studies in Economics,” thoughtfully he said.

I broke his line of thought, “Wait...wait...are you looking back? If so, I am interested, please continue,” and savoured one more sip from my beer can. 

“I remember the days when I explored the nooks and corners of the Thiruvananthapuram city, attending small and big cultural functions, visiting libraries to libraries, and writing small pieces of articles and novels for magazines and newspapers extracting from my small resource of creativity”, he continued, and of course that long sentence made me think about those days.

“Those were wonderful days! Sometimes, I used to visit you to get creatively inspired, and to hear your eloquent and original points of arguments,” I said.

He said, “Looking back, I feel that I had to stick on to the capital city. But, the financial problems compelled me to undertake some jobs in the marketing of FMCG products. But, thinking now, I feel that I could have pursued my IES dream by taking up any of the job opportunities those came after me in the field of entrance coaching.”

I nodded thinking that his reminiscences could no way make another post for my Vanity Moments.

“But, you found success in the business, so why regret?” I asked.

“That’s true. In the initial days I really struggled to meet the two ends. I had to work hard and sweat off to achieve the monthly targets. I worked in many places, and in all the places, I had clashes with the managers,” he admitted.

“That’s evident from your zodiac sign. People with your zodiac sign do not like the domination of other people,” I said. When he showed curiosity to know more about the traits of his zodiac sign, I tactfully diverted the subject and again trapped him in his own confessions. 

“At that time, a real surge in my career happened. With my earned money, I planned my own product launch,” he said enjoying the memories of his own good old days.

“I remember it,” I said, “When I visited you at Cochin at that time, you had a separate office room adjoining your settlement. It was well furnished one with a posh look. I remember the brochure of your company, with a tagline created by yourself, based on Warren Buffet’s professional success”.

“Yes, that was it. I had advertised in Hindu and in Malayala Manorama. I rented the conference hall of a business hotel and gave an introductory lecture to the first clients of my product. I planned to make some profit from the registration fee. But, that program was a break-even one,” he said.

“Break-what?” I didn’t understand the terminology that he used.

“Break-even! Check the dictionary to know the meaning,” he said slightly irritated.

He continued, “But, however the programme was a success. I got a good number of clients. That was the time you visited me in Cochin at my so-called posh office, travelling all the way from Trivandrum.”

“Your success was enviable, when a person like you becomes an entrepreneur at that young age,” I said.

“Yes, that’s true! But, at that time I did a great blunder because of my lack of discipline,” he said.

“What was it?”

“I began to indulge more and more in luxuries. I spent the evenings watching almost every movie and spending lavishly. When I had to focus more on the development of my business, my attention had diverted to such useless things. As a result, my business began to regress,” he confessed.

“Buddy, I can justify you in all your other shortcomings. But in this case I am helpless,” I said. I remembered another time I visited him at his office. At that time I found myself in his pitifully disordered once posh office. That time, he behaved in a very harsh manner and almost appeared like a mad man, pinching his own hairs.

He agreed that it was his mistake. “I don’t expect anyone would justify me.”

“Perhaps, I may not be lucky enough to have a young entrepreneur friend,” I said.

“But, now I am happy with this new job. When this offer came, I was actually in the middle of all those business calamities. Though initially hesitated, I decided to take up this job,” he finalised his professional life sketch starting from an aspiring writer to a business developer.

While walking outside, I asked him permission to write about him in my blog.

“You write it buddy, great experiences like mine would give your blog a greater charm,” he said.

“Not because that it is great. Currently I am running out of subjects. I have to give something to my readers even if it has nothing. And I think, through your revelations, people might get some good lessons that how a young entrepreneur should not be like” I said hilariously.

“I don’t think you insulted me,” he said and smiled in his natural way as if someone tickled him.


  1. Hmmm... where you wondering how your friend would feel if he ever read this story? I think, the subject has scope for more drama. A climax and an anti climax...sort of things... The only excuse can be the 'subject's' privacy (or the fear factor)...which you could've disgused (anyway!), with more drama... I think a story has more to do with imagination than truth. The truth can be an inspiration. But imagination and drama can makes it a story...

    One more thing. 'he said in a satisfactory tone' is a wrong usage-I think. Satisfactory for whom? You? Him? Us? Or for the university examiner? (Hey, sometimes I'm rude but my intention is to be sarcastic ;)) I think your intention was close to 'self-satisfying tone'

  2. joms72...

    thnks fr ur comment after so long days

    i'm also wondering, how my friend would take it. but his identity is already disguised. the profession is different and many other factors are different from the reality.

    and..i too think that usage was wrong. can u substitute one better usage for it? u should remember that the post was published in the late night, amidst sleepless hours and hefty eyelids.

  3. Tomz, It's beer and not bear. Bear is an animal :). Well, I have done the opposite. I have an MBA. I worked in the Corporate world off and on. I was always creative and a good writer. And, now I am a professional writer and editor. So, life does come a good circle :). Good story, by the way.

  4. @rachana

    Opps..this is embarrassing..one who goes to executive bars and drinks quality liquors does not know the correct spelling of what he consumed last day.

    Thanks for pointing out the mistake..I have corrected it..

    And happy to know ur abridged professional biography, though in d form f a comment.

  5. your stories are allways so real that its difficult to know wheterh you are tryuely making them up or writing your friend's version:)

  6. Nice, interesting slice from real life well peppered and spiced up by you....your style sounds like a casual interview .....life is an eye opener and the biggest leveller, they say....

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  8. tell your friend not to get disheartened by initial short comings. afterall no one is perfect and life always giues a second chance.

  9. haha i also face renu's dilemma..real or fic? good one buddy..

  10. Wishes your friend for better success in his ventures next time!

  11. I liked the last lines said by you. :)

  12. I'm glad your encounter in the bar ended on a positive note. So many of them don't what with consuming too many alcoholic drinks, especially when nostalgia takes over. At least your friend wasn't crying into his beer, and he can take a little constructive criticism. May we all be so wise.

  13. @Renu
    Initially I wrote posts with the intention to tell only the truth. But nowadays, I do mix up certain things for just the sake of the fiction element.


    yes thats an apt definition for my blog. Thank you


    That words are soothing for my friend and for me also.


    real wid fictitious elements. Thanks rameshji.


    I will convey your wishes to him


    I am happy that you liked that line.


    We went to bar not to drink actually. It was a trip, as you mentioned, for the nostalgia component.


    Thanking you once again.

  14. interesting blog. am a first time visitor.
    your friend's story - am sure many a young mallu has simila stories to tell.
    am in the same predicament as you - running out of stories to tell :-)

  15. Nice blog posted thanks


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