Apr 17, 2011

Call from the Dead

What would be your reaction if you receive a phone call on a fine morning from someone who was supposed to have died during an earlier period of time? You would be shocked with a shiver or you would at least go unconscious, wouldn’t you? Sometimes, a hilarious smile might sprout at the tips of your lips from the simple thought of some friends who are trying to give your feeble heart a chill in the morning. But, whatever be the fiction, the same was the experience that one of my good friends faced a few days before.

You know him by the name Ronnie Raj; he was the one who accompanied me while I was on my partly unwilling visits to the dirtiest bar in my previous city as described in my nostalgic post. You have also met him as a seeker of stories in the heavily applauded (?) Girl on Crutches

At the same bar, we had met one person, Sanand, who turned out to be a man with great knowledge and experience in arts, films, drama, writing, music, etc. Though a multi talented person, his growth was hindered only by his habit of non-stop drinking. 

One day (quite in recent times, after my shift to this new city), I happened to hear that sad news from Ronnie Raj – Sanand’s death. The death happened in night, when he was hit by a speeding car, while he was on his wobbly walk after the routine visit to the bar. A common friend of Ronnie Raj and Sanand found him in an unconscious state, and though he was admitted in the hospital, his life was not saved, so was I informed by Ronnie Raj. 

One day Ronnie Raj called me and informed with no introduction, in his usual style,

“Buddy, today morning I got a call from Sanand!”

“What?” I clutched on furniture in order to save myself from collapsing, “Wasn’t he…dead?”

“Yes, I was about to delete his number, thinking that I might not need his number any more. So when I saw a blinking ‘Sanand Calling’ on my mobile display, you could naturally guess my excitement”, he said.

Since he couldn’t hear any response from the other side of the phone except some agitated heavy breathing sound, he continued,

“It was a wrong information, which I received from our common friend. Sanad was hit by a vehicle and was unconscious, but he was not dead. Now back to life with added strength, that’s all.”

I had almost the same experience during my college days. At school I had two friends with the same name, Amal. One died in an accident when I joined college. His death shook my heart and I caught fever for two days. I shared my sadness to another friend who was with us during the school days. 

“Amal died?” he had difficulty in believing me.

One day when he went to shopping, he met Amal on the way. Surprisingly he asked,

“Amal, aren’t you dead?”

Later he came back and happily said, “buddy, don’t worry, Amal is not dead. I saw him and talked to him”.

“Which Amal you met? The tall one?”

“Yeah, Amal was tall, don’t you remember?” 

“Oh,” I said, “the dead Amal was the smaller one, who sat with me in the front bench”

After a few seconds silence, with a slight embarrassment, he said,

“Oh, I don’t remember that Amal”.


  1. confusion galore but its nice to have dead friends spring back to life....nice post.

  2. It s nice to know that friend is alivewhatevr may be the reason.its a good news.

  3. You are lucky that your dead friends are contacting you....

  4. I would get a shock if I got a call from a supposedly dead person. But, it must be a pleasant surprise to find out that your friend is alive after all.

  5. i was reading dr weiss' book Many Masters...and this post similar to some of the points in that...good one buddy..sorry yar..i was not in regular touch due to domestic changes..tc..wishes

  6. To get such a phone call from one who I think is dead, would be a shock. But then, having recovered, I would be glad that I was victim of a rumour. It never happened to me - and I might be a few days older than you :-)
    Only if I had been at the funeral of that person, and then suddenly he would call me on the phone, I would be utterly shell-shocked...

  7. Lol..That was hilarious...But then, hats off to ur friend who asked on Amal's face if he was not dead..gosh...kick his ass...

    I am sure, Amal would have been shocked hearing tht question...

  8. Reminds me of the movie `The Missed Call'.

  9. it would be Scary at first....at the same time must be a pleasant morning to have ur friend back...:)

  10. An award for a lovely blog and reading my nonsense...
    click here

  11. it is quite scary for me receive such call,it is quite q time that i left watching horror movies because i felt that my nerves are not pretty strong especially after watching RING.

    enjoyed reading you ,god bless,

    looking forward for more on your poetry blog tomz.

  12. @NRI Girl

    Thank You..




    yeah thats true, a happy news and surprise


    Hmm..you call that luck??

  13. @Rachna

    The same shock and the same joy that I had.


    I want to read that book


    yeah, now that's a thinkable instance, If had witnessed his funera; and still gets a call from him, it would be a terrifying shock..


    Hehe I still rembr his embarrassed facial expressions

  14. @Poornima,

    I think I had seen that one


    hmm true




    Ah..great..m honored, a creative award frm a creative person like you


    Like u I am also afraid f watching horror movies (sshh..its a secret)

    yeah, and I am looking forward for some plausible inspiration to fill my poetry blog..


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