Apr 8, 2011

A Collage of Gifts, Surprises and Awards

It looks like that this fleeting week, which followed the week in which Team India won the Cricket World Cup after 28 years long wait, had so many surprises and fun in store for me. Many things happened during this week, which either brought bundles of joy or gave me jolting surprises. I’m writing this post during the late hours of my birthday, and I hopelessly wish that if I had started writing it a bit earlier, I could have made it my birthday post, perhaps with the title, 'The Sweetest Birthday I Ever Had’. But, thinking again, I convince myself, and decide, no, no more birthday posts again! I had already an entry on the ‘Most Memorable Birthday’, which I posted in the beginning stages of this blog, but written even before the starting of it, in the format of an e-mail, which was sent to a few selected friends at that time. And of course, we always have a special affinity towards the firsts in our life. So, no birthday posts again!

And another positive thing is that, my intuitive ability level seems to be slightly increasing. Two days before, while wandering through the pages of my blog aimlessly, I sadly thought, it is a long time since I got a friendship tag or friendship award from my blogger buddies. I felt that it is the time for one; somebody is already on the way to reach my blog with a rejoicing notification that I have been awarded a wonderful award. My intuition turned true the next day. It was an Arizona Blogger, Deirdra Eden-Coppel, who visited me and informed that I have been awarded the Creative Blogger Award. When I visited her back, what I saw was perhaps the most creative blog of the entire blogosphere; you can visit it here. Within hours, another notification also had flown in to my blog informing that I was awarded the Versatile Blogger award. This time it was Irfanuddin, the Bihari Blogger, with whom most of you are well familiar through his Apniboli. I take this opportunity to thank both Deirdra and Irfanuddin. You can find the awards in my 'Friendship Awards' page.

So, let me go back to the story of my birthday. I am a late sleeper and last night when the clock struck 12 'O clock, my friend X-EN-Tric greeted me with the first birthday wish of this year, without even letting me for a satisfactory shock. Before taking up that surprise, he startled me once again by gifting a beautiful Louis Charron pen. 

When reached the office in the morning, the situation was also not different. My teammates surprised me with an animated greeting card – that they had prepared the day before, by making me away from my seat for a while – which eventually got circulated among all the people in the office. This time, you also have something to be delighted, because, the theme of this greeting card was Vanity Moments itself! By making the entire people in my office visiting my blog, you will also get some free page visits! Seeing my interest in fitness maintaining, my friends gifted me a pair of jogging suit for the gymnasium.

I will post the b’day card here to let you know the creative talents of my team mates, (well, you know them all through the stories of the Slow Learner and the Teasers). If you feel that my team mates have written something which I don’t deserve, please forget it. Because, you know this blog is meant for that purpose only, to show off!


PS: I successfully posted this article before the end of April 7, which makes it my birthday post.


  1. May Allah shower his blessings on u....happy bday dear!!

    Best wishes,

  2. Seems like a fun filled day of course.

    Glad to be here on time to wish you Happy Birthday! It is 11:22 pm now, here in the East Coast on the 7th!

    Many Happy Returns!

  3. Happy Birthday to you and congrats for your awards! I liked your last line the best -- A blog is a place meant to show off :).

  4. Happy Birthday... :)
    Stay Blessed

  5. ooops missed ur day by jsut one day .. sorry about that
    heres wishing you a very happy birthday and many manyu happy returns of the day GOD Bless and many manyyy more to come ...


  6. Happy Birthday,Tomz.
    And congratulations on the award.
    You write so well,Tomz.A fitting post on the birthday!
    Happier days ahead and keep on blogging.

  7. Happy Birthday to a wonderful blogger and friend! It's always a pleasure to visit your site. Your teammates obviously think so too. What a blessing it is to have friends. Congratulations on your award.

    I'm participating in a blogging challenge this month. It's proceeding alphabetically. I hope you can stop by on Monday to see what the letter I is for.

  8. Oh dear Tomz,
    Happy to read this... You have got a bunch of understanding friends... It's a very big wealth... Some people have every thing, but nobody understand them and nobody should be there to give them some pleasant surprises... They are really unlucky, they just work and live like donkeys... Somebody is near with us to love is a very big fortune...
    God Bless You...

  9. Dear Tomz,
    Happy Birthday to you (a few days late, but coming from my heart - and: what is time?) And beautiful, that your award came as you longed for one - just at the right moment! Instead of flowers I send you a few lines of William Wordsworth, who was born on April 7th (as I did say before: what does time matters? He was born in 1770 :-)
    "It is a beauteous evening, calm and free/
    The holy time is quiet as a Nun
    Breathless with adoration; the broad sun/
    Is sinking down in its tranquility;/
    The gentleness of heaven broods o'er the Sea:/
    Listen! the mighty Being is awake,/
    And does with his eternal motion make/
    A sound like thunder - everlasting. (...)
    God being with thee when we know it not.

  10. Hello Irfan,

    Thank you very much fr that wishes..happy to get the first one frm u..

    @NRI Girl

    That was destiny, so u were able to wish me the same day...I remember Jules Verne's 'Around the World in Eighty Days'


    Thnak you..what I said in that last line is my bog's announced policy :0

    @Asma Khan

    Thank you Asma..happy to get wished on birthday from Pakistan..


    Though missed by a few hours, I am happy that still u reached on my blog to wish me..thank u..a million times..

  11. @ Dr. Antony,

    thank u very much..it seems that ur post on homosexuality creates flames somewhere..


    Thank you very much..truly delighted fr being addressed by that nice adjectives..

    I'm aware f the fact that u r taking part in that A-Z Blogging Challenge, and I'm following ur updates and read ur posts whenever get time..

    and ur I Post...I am eagerly waiting fr that post thinking what will be it all about!


    Yes..its a joy being in the proximity of such wonderful friends..

    @Mama Zen

    Thank you very much


    Wow..thats a wonderful way of getting a birthday wish..

    Thnks fr that nice lines which u quoted frm Wordsworth..he's my favorite, I love his Fidelity, Daffodils, Solitary reaper and many more..I always was proud of being able to share the same birthday with that ever greatest wonderful magical romantic poet..

  12. Belated Birthday Wishes :)
    Its these small gestures that brings great happiness. Have fun

  13. wow you are so lucky to have such love and care around,

    happy birthday tomz may god keep you in his great blessings,and wishing you very very best for each dream in life ,

    you know pen is my most favorite gift ever,
    take care .

  14. Sending my best belated birthday wishes your way x

  15. Oops Tomz,

    Missed wishing u on ur bday...As usual, got stuck with work load...When I had read ur previous b'day post, I had marked it in mind to wish u this year...lol!!!

    Anyways, nice to know u had a surprise filled bday...Its always a blessing to have such sweet caring friends and colleagues with whom U might spend maximum amount of time in a day...and Now...dont forget to surprise them with beautiful gifts on their bdays too...lol!!

    Dont shock them by forgetting their bdays..hehe!!!

  16. Oops again..

    Better late then Never..

    Belated Birthday Wishes...

  17. This is really great... You seem to be a very popular person Tomz :)

    Errr.... very belated Happy Birthday :P

    and thanks for becoming my blog follower :)


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