Aug 11, 2011

The Art of Overhearing

“You always write your posts in the form of a conversation, right?”, once in the canteen, the Practicing Clairvoyant asked me, and she looked around to get some support for her finding about my blog.

“But, I read another blog, where the writer always writes about what he overhears,” glancing at me the Full Moon Girl said.

“Oh, then that blog must be more enjoyable than Vanity Moments,” the Clairvoyant agreed.

Before going on further, let me invite your attention to some of my previous posts, like Teased, and The Slow Learner to get an introduction about the two characters I mentioned.

Mildly hurt, I planned to look for opportunities in my neighborhood to overhear, so that I can write some interesting stories in the same way. So, after that, wherever I travelled, I always was careful in giving my ear to what others speak. In buses, bus stops, trains, cinema theatres, hotels, parks, and in every such public place, where I could have found myself in the middle of people, I was keen on using my ears. But, a good story never fell on my ears.

Later on an evening, when my pal X-EN-Tric was away, I thought about visiting the nearest bar to escape temporarily from loneliness. And if you don’t know what a bar is, I can tell you that it is a place where you will be served with alcoholic beverages :). Sitting on a sofa inside one of the scarcely crowded corners of the dim lit bar, I took the first sip of what I ordered. It was my first experience of drinking alone.

Suddenly, the conversation of my colleagues about my blog popped up in my mind. The immediate reason for this was two gentlemen who were opening up something sincerely sitting at the nearest table. Since they were talking some seemingly nonsensical things, under the influence of the drink they were having, in loud voices, which were quite audible to me, I thought about trying my luck in overhearing them.

“Client service is more important as far as I am concerned. If a client complains about a problem, and we have no one to scrutinize it, there goes our reputation,” I heard the first one saying so.

“I often try to give my maximum to my job. There is no chance for someone to complain about my service,” the second one said.

“See, if you have made some mistakes, you can open up it to me. There will not be any misunderstanding between us,” the first one said.

What misunderstanding? You misunderstood me? Or I misunderstood you? No way. See we are friends for a very long time, so no misunderstandings,” the second one replied.

Sipping slowly my second peg, I looked at both of them one by one in a begging manner, expecting a story, as if a stray dog looks at a piece of bone hopefully. The second one suddenly turned his face towards me and ignored my disturbing stare.

“Whatever be it, to me the most important are my clients,” the first one said like this.

“Your clients? Where do you have clients?” the second one suddenly asked.

Since it was my second peg, I was slowly losing my power to concentrate. When I regained my focus, and listened to them; they were talking about some bets.

“Let’s give the bet money to this gentleman,” pointing at me the second one said.

The first one glanced at me.

They argued more about some matters in the same nonsensical way, which is common to all those who drink. Meanwhile, I ordered my third peg, and while sipping it with peppered nuts and mango pickle, opening my sleepy eyes, I heard the second one threatening the first one in a funny manner saying this,

“I will break this glass and will thrust it in your stomach,”

If something like that happened, it would have given a great twist to my post, I thought. Now they both started arguing about who will pay the bill. When money comes, everyone is conscious, even if they are celebrating, I thought. Finally they both decided to pay the bill fifty-fifty.

Then the second one turned to me and asked if I had two ten rupees change for a single twenty rupee note. I had it. They paid their bill and tipped the waiter the ten rupee note they collected from me. After they left, I beckoned my waiter and asked for the bill.


  1. why Didn't you tried to overhear the chat between some opposite sex pair mannnnn, that would have been little more interesting and spicy too....isn't it...:P

  2. So, it was not a very spicy conversation after all. Better luck with overhearing next time.

  3. Yeah, this conversation was more mundane. Maybe, you could have added your mirch masala to the story :).

  4. Lol... Next time better luck with the plot twist..

  5. Looks like nobody had anything interenting to say that day... :(

  6. Hehe....This is an interesting topic to write about :)

  7. There is a saying "Eavesdroppers do not hear anything good about themselves" but I guess in today's world one cannot help it. Sometimes we hear both sides to a conversation and sometimes only one side as people keep talking on their mobiles. But as someone has already commented, I guess you could have taken "literary"licence and made it more exciting :-) But a nice idea though...!!!

  8. Cha not so much masala. One suggestion start watching Headlines Today - you can convert anything and everything to pure masala after that :P

  9. Conversation seems to be falling by the wayside with all of the electronic forms of communication. Maybe a bar isn't the best place to look for one. Perhaps a coffee or tea shop?

    I heard something the other day about how certain muscles or organs in the body become vestigial over time (developmental evolution, I think it's called). Maybe in the future, people's vocal cords will shrink to nothing from lack of use.

  10. @Shukoor



    You know, it is difficult to find two girls talking inside a bar..and if you find one pair, they will be talking some trivial things..


    No not at all spicy. not even an interesting one:)


    I tried my maximum, but the resource persons could not give anything to make me think like that


    So u expected a twist?? :0

  11. @NRIGirl

    Absolutely, it was boring..


    Interesting only if they are interesting people


    yes, literary license, but i repeat, i write only facts, not fiction, (though I had written some thing by taking that license in my previous posts). Thnk you fr ur comment


    Thats a very good idea..u can know the news, and u will know how to write in a spicy way..


    Oh, so u overhear something only if they are informative..thats a good idea..u can have the pleasure of eavesdropping and at the same time u can earn more knowledge..thnk u

  12. hey tomz,i think every one is specialist of its kind and you wrote nice always,

    when i see bars in movies,too me they look like mental hospital,

    irfan is right try to hear ladies this time though.god bless

  13. Happy independence day tomz bhai:)

  14. Very nicely written. Its an interesting topic to write as much as you can. Enjoyed reading your post.
    You are welcome at my new posts-

  15. @baili..

    yeah, initially i also felt it as an asylum..but after going there a couple of times, I am used to such atmosphere


    belated day wishes


    thnks, i will visit them


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