Nov 17, 2011

Murder in the Dreams

The guy who stays at the closest door of mine, today morning woke up with a sprained neck. When asked about it, he said,

“Buddy, I dreamt something terrible last night. In the end of the dream, when I suddenly withdrew myself from an imminent shock, my head might have twisted in an awkward position, and as a result, I guess, I am woken up with such a painful sprained neck.”

That long speech was enough for such a dream loving guy like me to become curious; and with a slight embarrassment, I inquired more about his dreams. Hesitantly he replied,

“Brother, I don’t know its meaning. But I am terribly shaken. I don’t know to what extend it would be right confessing my last night’s dream”.

“Tell me please! I am a scholar in dreams,” impatiently I said.

After a pause, he said, “It is murder, friend; cold blooded murder!” Then he looked at my eyes sharply.

I was shocked. I had known the meaning of some of the most recurring dreams, thanks to Freud’s Interpretation of Dreams, and some later papers appeared in the internet. That book and its subject were my favorites. But I couldn’t recollect that what a murder in dream signified.

The next door guy then said about his dream. In the dream, he beat someone to death. The victim’s face, it was that of a stranger, was so dreadful with blood stains, and wounds. Then he pulled his corpse to his homestead and put it in the backyard of his house. He suddenly noticed that in addition to the dead body of the one who killed, there were two more corpses lying in the same ground; all were killed after so many beatings and thrashes. 

Without a word, he retired to his room for a peaceful sleep. But the next day, his father woke up and scolded him for putting corpses in the backyard. He could have buried them, his father suggested. So, they both started to dig a big pit to bury the three people. The pit was a huge and horrifying one. And finally, they buried all three corpses in that huge pit successfully. 

“But, something happened then to make my head turn suddenly, which ended up in this sprain on my neck,” he said while putting an end to his dream narration. 

We both joked some more time about the dream. But I had all in my mind to check the internet to know more about the murder in dreams. According to a site I referred, murder in dream signifies, putting an end to an old habit or a former way of thinking. It could also refer to putting full stop to an addiction. It also signifies that the dreamer is angry at someone or at himself.

What do you think? Do you have similar dreams?


  1. It's nothing about that. Dreams are common and sometimes follow with some coincidental incidents.
    Long years I have been dreaming about flying myself in the sky like birds. Nothing happened for years as consequence.

    However, your writing is very interesting to read.

  2. No never had such violent dreams. Actually I do not remember my dreams.. very rarely does a dream stay on in my mind.

  3. I never had a dream in which violence played a part. For a long time I wrote a dream diary - very interesting! There were scenes that felt threatening, but not violent. Maybe your pal saw to many horror films? I think the brain memorises such pictures. On the other hand, he might have been angry at somebody - and I think it interesting that his father is so 'orderly'.

  4. that sounds interesting, i mean the find on the internet

    I rarely have dreams :/

    Close your doors when u sleep!

  5. Thank God, I haven't had such terrifying dreams.

  6. @NRI Girl,

    U r rescued, at least till now :)


    Thank u very much for ur comment..I dont think dreams can predict future..


    Actually we dream every day..though we tend to forget most of them..



  7. @Dear Britta

    That must be a delightful read, I mean ur dream diaries..I dont know actually whats the motive of my friend's weird dream


    Do you think closing ur doors can stop u from dreaming..thats a discoveryy..


    Yeah..n welcome back to my blog


    You must..because thats also part of beauty of dreaming..

  8. hii
    yes times dreams give us solid innuendos abt coming events

  9. Oh my God! thats a terrifying dream. I always get sweet dream but never ever had this type of violent dream so far.

  10. I think I would be a little suspicious of your neighbor. Maybe you should double lock your door? Like Britta, I find it interesting that the father was involved in the cover-up of the crime. Perhaps there are some unresolved issues with his parent.

    Most of my dreams used to be like fantastical films. Lots of flying involved, scary monsters, and talking animals. Lately I've noticed more realism creeping in and taking over. I wonder if it has to do with what I'm reading and watching on television (mainly news programs).

  11. AS

    I'm not quite sure about that..However thank you very much fr visiting my space


    You see only sweet dreams? Oh very much lucky u are..!


    I think thats symbolic..Perhaps that shows the quite stubborn attitude of his father towards him..As I learned, Dreams rarely show realities as they were..Most of the times, they could be interpreted into some different meanings..Thanks

    And I think, u had fantastical dreams during ur younger days..if you keep on seeing serious dreams like news programmes nowadays, that may be because u r matured..just my wild assumptions..




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