Sep 19, 2013

The Scent of Love - 3

Albert got depressed, as his moral consciousness was very dominating. When he weaved sexual illusions around her thoughts, he had regret for fantasizing about a girl who had developed a strong trust in him. 

Albert’s friends encouraged him to reveal his love for her. 

“I will go mad being unable to reveal my love for her”, he lamented.

Albert still remembered that incident, on a sunny day, when they both were walking through the solitary tracks of the Rajaji Park, he got irritated by her chewing habit. 

“Mili, stop masticating like this, and listen to me”, Albert exasperated.

That was for the first time, Mili saw a variant expression from him. He appeared to her only as a nice guy, someone she could have confided her wishes and secrets. But the infuriated appearance clearly disturbed her.

“But Albert, you said it has a pleasant smell, and you like it, no?” Chasing Albert, and blocking his path, she asked showing emotionally wet eyes.

He didn’t answer. But when she pestered him with the same question, he felt regret for shouting at her, for making such a lovely girl so desperate.  When his eyes also filled with tears, he put his fingers on her shoulder in order to console her. He didn’t know what he was doing, when he pulled her towards him, and when her lips were trapped between his. That lock of lips lasted for some seconds. He loosened his clutches only when she started to resist, when she realized that she was kissed on her lips by her most trusted friend. She was very furious, and she lashed at him for breaking the trust. Albert had difficulty in facing her, though he was happy at the new evolution in their relationship. But, when he walked away, she felt that she was deserted after being stolen so mercilessly. 

She wanted to know if what he had in his mind for her were real feelings. She questioned him. He found her confused posture, wet eyes, trembling lips, and her expanding and contracting bosom as somehow provocative from his male point of view. He caught her in another embrace, and he led her towards another passionate kiss, which lasted longer.

“I always loved you Mili, I love you very much, I can see you only as my lover”, he confessed while kissing her on her face, on her eyes, and on her neck. That day Albert was very happy, though Mili was a bit disturbed by the sudden change in their relationship. She was worried about falling in love again, since earlier when love happened to her, it had given her heart pain and worry.

They went to theatres, bunking her classes, and taking half day leaves from his office. In theatre, when everyone found comfort and misery in the moving shades on the screen, his fingers caressed her sensitive and delicate thighs, tight-fitted in jeans, slowly, and affectionately. She tried to control her smile, biting her lips. But, when he stopped loving her like that, she wanted those tickling touches again.

“We are sinning Mili, I am worried”, he whispered on her ears. 

“My friends do more than this with their boyfriends”, came a daring reply from her.

She shared her lunch with him. She fed him with the same spoon from her tiffin box. After such many encounters, they wanted to do more than just touching and fondling.

It happened on a hot summer day. Albert’s friends had left for home as it was a weekend. However, he remained there in his single room apartment, expecting Mili. When he heard calling bell, he opened the door, and let Mili enter the room. She was shaking a bit. The hot noon had turned her cheeks into crimson, enhancing the charm of her fair complexion. The velvet jeans, and the black sleeveless kurti with full of red flowers enhanced her beauty.

He gave her some fruits. He showed her old photographs, in which a younger him smiled mischievously at her. He showed some of his advertising assignments, captions wrote for print ads, and sought her opinion regarding them. She walked to the window, and gazed outside holding the windowsill. Watching her posture from behind, he recognized her as the most beautiful creature in the whole world. His heart craved for her. He wanted to show her how much he cared for her, how much he loved her. He slowly approached her, and stood just behind her to see what she was watching.

(To be Continued)

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