Oct 6, 2013

The Scent of Love - 4

“What are you looking at, Mili?”, the question came from his throat.

“Nothing”, she shrugged her shoulders instantly without turning back.

He placed his jaw on her shoulder, and smelt her shampooed hair. When his breath tickled her, she responded by slightly twisting her neck, and lifting her shoulder. When his arms covered her hip and held her close from behind, she closed her eyes, enjoying the warmth of his embrace. He loosened his grip, and made her stand facing him. Looking deeply into her eyes, he said her that he loved her. Their lips mated, and it lasted for minutes. When it was over, she was fully turned on. He led her to his bed, and made her recline on it. His fingers caressed her shivering physique from tip to toe; his lips touched and felt the sensitivity of her skin, while it was getting revealed more and more.

It was the noon time, might be the hottest of the season. Below the ceiling fan, which was revolving in full momentum, Albert and Mili explored the hidden sensual magic. When she silently requested for his love with eyes full of lust, he took her to newer forages of love through continuous strokes and fondling. She cried, and closed her eyes, when they became unified in one motion. The tiny golden hair everywhere on her body projected out of follicles in admiration of his zest and zeal.

After it was over, when Albert and Mili rested on the bed looking silently at the momentum of the fan above, she unwrapped a chewing gum and put it in her mouth. With his eyes closed, he felt the fresh smell of chewing gum filled in the room, while her delicate fingers moved stealthily through his bare chest. But, when he opened his eyes after hours, he realized that he was alone in the room. A lighter tint of the aroma of chewing gum was still lingered around, as a sign of the lustful moments that had passed.

Albert hadn’t seen her after that. He tried to call her, but no one was there to respond. It worried him. There was a girl with whom he shared his love, but now no evidence of that love was remaining. He felt that he had been cheated. On such depressed nights, with a heavy heart, he despondently reflected about his lost innocence. Then came to his mind, to console his sad-stricken soul and heart, his teenage crush Tina, unveiling the dust-coated curtain of past memories.

He had visions in which the fragrance of fresh Jasmine flowers tickled his nostrils, while the smiling Tina, made a quick peep at his recollections. He found resort and rest in the thoughts of scented Jasmine flowers, which carried his delicate heart to his innocent younger days.

Albert was just seventeen. A very immature boy, who had never dared to look into the eyes of a girl. He never believed that he had the capability to attract a girl, which ruled out the possibility of him falling in love. But he understood that his realizations were wrong, when he first saw Tina, when their eyes met by the pure choice of destiny, when their eyes trapped in that universal lock for seconds, producing lightning strikes. He knew that his concepts about himself and love were wrong. He could also fall in love, and she was an angelic girl, with a beautiful and cheerful smiling face.

His study times were troubled by the intermittent appearance of her smiling images in front of his virtual eyes. Imagining the girl’s figure in his mind, he had loved her very dearly. He fantasized a future, in which she lead him to the wonders of love, where they lived for long, somewhere beneath the different layers of dreams, fondling memories and music.

Tina used to sing on stages. Once, when she was singing on the stage, Albert with palpitating heart, went to the front portion of the auditorium and sat on one of the first rows. His presence turned everyone’s head, as he had put some intense-smelling Jasmine flowers in his pocket. Its strong seductive aroma surrounded him. When his close friend asked him about the Jasmine flowers in his pocket, he said him secretively,

“It has her smell, Tina’s!”

He listened to her song, all the time watching her. Sometimes she glanced at him, which made him happy. Each of her glances had the power to stimulate him romantically, and the Jasmine flowers in his pocket carried him and her to a wider and greener meadow in his visions, where he found him and her alone. Her song echoed in his mind all the time, gracefully. He kept on sensing the beguiling aroma of the flowers, watching her admiringly, while imagining a halo around her head.

(The story will be completed in the next chapter)

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