Apr 8, 2011

A Collage of Gifts, Surprises and Awards

It looks like that this fleeting week, which followed the week in which Team India won the Cricket World Cup after 28 years long wait, had so many surprises and fun in store for me. Many things happened during this week, which either brought bundles of joy or gave me jolting surprises. I’m writing this post during the late hours of my birthday, and I hopelessly wish that if I had started writing it a bit earlier, I could have made it my birthday post, perhaps with the title, 'The Sweetest Birthday I Ever Had’. But, thinking again, I convince myself, and decide, no, no more birthday posts again! I had already an entry on the ‘Most Memorable Birthday’, which I posted in the beginning stages of this blog, but written even before the starting of it, in the format of an e-mail, which was sent to a few selected friends at that time. And of course, we always have a special affinity towards the firsts in our life. So, no birthday posts again!

And another positive thing is that, my intuitive ability level seems to be slightly increasing. Two days before, while wandering through the pages of my blog aimlessly, I sadly thought, it is a long time since I got a friendship tag or friendship award from my blogger buddies. I felt that it is the time for one; somebody is already on the way to reach my blog with a rejoicing notification that I have been awarded a wonderful award. My intuition turned true the next day. It was an Arizona Blogger, Deirdra Eden-Coppel, who visited me and informed that I have been awarded the Creative Blogger Award. When I visited her back, what I saw was perhaps the most creative blog of the entire blogosphere; you can visit it here. Within hours, another notification also had flown in to my blog informing that I was awarded the Versatile Blogger award. This time it was Irfanuddin, the Bihari Blogger, with whom most of you are well familiar through his Apniboli. I take this opportunity to thank both Deirdra and Irfanuddin. You can find the awards in my 'Friendship Awards' page.

So, let me go back to the story of my birthday. I am a late sleeper and last night when the clock struck 12 'O clock, my friend X-EN-Tric greeted me with the first birthday wish of this year, without even letting me for a satisfactory shock. Before taking up that surprise, he startled me once again by gifting a beautiful Louis Charron pen. 

When reached the office in the morning, the situation was also not different. My teammates surprised me with an animated greeting card – that they had prepared the day before, by making me away from my seat for a while – which eventually got circulated among all the people in the office. This time, you also have something to be delighted, because, the theme of this greeting card was Vanity Moments itself! By making the entire people in my office visiting my blog, you will also get some free page visits! Seeing my interest in fitness maintaining, my friends gifted me a pair of jogging suit for the gymnasium.

I will post the b’day card here to let you know the creative talents of my team mates, (well, you know them all through the stories of the Slow Learner and the Teasers). If you feel that my team mates have written something which I don’t deserve, please forget it. Because, you know this blog is meant for that purpose only, to show off!


PS: I successfully posted this article before the end of April 7, which makes it my birthday post.
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